Julie Barnes

Bio: At the heart of my life and work are two passions: to live well and joyfully and to be of service to others in following their own questions and life journeys. As a counsellor, supervisor and facilitator, I help people to fulfil their own potential in living fully and whole-heartedly. As a Soul Midwife, I support people who are dying; helping them and their families, in their final journeys at the end of life. I am currently focusing on: Sing out 🎶 Singing and music-making as a gateway to health and happiness - for people with dementia and for all of us; Heart♥️&Soul Facing death, embracing life - creating opportunities to speak of death and dying and supporting people at the end of life. Life force 🔥 Exploring ‘what gives life?’ - unlocking our authentic positive core for whole hearted living; Three core philosophies inspire and challenge my life and work: person centred working (Rogers); appreciative inquiry (Cooperrider/Watkins); and whole person learning (Oasis School). These cornerstones continue to support and provoke me into new learning, understandings and opportunities. Underpinned by my core belief in the power and responsibility of each of us at the centre of our own lives: Fully experiencing what happens to us and responding authentically and choice-fully. Directing our own lives and creating the changes we want to see. Using our personal power and our strengths to navigate life and all it brings; taking responsibility for ourselves and our choices; living fully, kindly and whole-heartedly for ourselves and with others.

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