Thinking SPACE

Thinking space

Supporting people in confidential exploration

You ask great questions which help me work out what’s important and what I need to do. (Client feedback)

Your support has been so helpful in my development journey. (Client feedback)

Plenty of people know the value of a thinking Space – dedicated time with a trusted independent person in which to review and reflect on your professional practice and your own well-being as a service provider, manager and leader.

Sally is Head of Finance for a large care service. In her thinking space, she explores the challenges of managing a large dispersed team of accountants and their interactions with the non-financial staff with whom they need to collaborate to create a thriving business. She reflects on her own performance in leading a busy, high profile team and her own wishes for her career, family and personal life. She values her thinking space as an opportunity to slow down, focus and reflect on what matters to her.

A place to celebrate your triumphs as well as grapple with your issues and concerns. A place to share the challenges you work with everyday as well as the impact this has on you as a whole person. Somewhere comfortable, away from your workplace where you can think, feel and just ‘be’ in a confidential learning environment, free from judgement, criticism and advice.

Where you are listened to, supported and challenged to find the best solutions for you and your clients. Your time for your work and your life.

David is a therapist in private practice. In his monthly supervision, he talks about his work with clients, the joys and challenges he faces and the impact of this work on him. . We explore situations, strategies and processes at work. We use our own relationship to help us learn about what’s possible and what happens when we use self as instrument in helping others. We talk about his learning journey and the development opportunities which support his learning. Sometimes, just by talking about our work and reflecting with another, we find new perspectives and understanding about what is happening, or may need to happen.

Working with a trained supervisor with experience of individual and group facilitation in a variety of settings. Working with person centred and strengths-based principles, we co-create a learning environment in which to explore together the things that matter to you.

Meeting monthly for up to two hours, we will create a contract that works for you, and review our progress and ways of working regularly to ensure the best use of our time together.

If you would like to find out more about working in this way and to book an initial meeting, please contact me.

Julie Barnes –


My website has moved to WordPress and, with a little help from my friends (Ads and H) will soon be fully operational.

I’ll be posting information, photos and stories about my work and contact details if you want to find out more.

It’s a learning curve for me and an opportunity to stretch my creative resourcefulness. Which is at the heart of my work – supporting people to fulfil their potential, building on their strengths, developing new skills and capacity and creating the lives they want to live.

I offer counselling, coaching and facilitation using person centred, experiential and strengths based approaches. Working 1:1 and with groups, my focus is encouraging people to work

in the way that best suits them, being creative and innovative, within a supportive and accepting

environment. We co-create the space to do our best work and take the time to reflect and learn.

I’m a clinical supervisor bringing whole person and strengths based approaches to our work in reviewing and supporting your clinical practice.

As an independent civil Celebrant, I help people to create and deliver personal and unique ceremonies for weddings and funerals.

I’m currently running a community singing group for people with dementia and their supporters (Blue Skies singing group) and am planning a series of open workshops including:

Dying to Talk: Facing death, Embracing Life – with Joan Scarrott. Windsor in 28 September 2017 – places still available.

Peak Practice: appreciating and developing your counselling/supervision practice.

A good life: learning circles for appreciative living.

AI Essentials: the spirit, ethos and DNA of Appreciative Inquiry with David Shaked

London 15-17 November 2017 – places still available.

If you would like to find out more or to contact me please email on or leave a message on 0115 914 3830.

Finding inspiration at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.